Are you ready?

This summer has been an intense one for me. It started with being an Orientation Leader for the incoming first-year students. Then, as soon as I finished my duties there, I began the intense work of restructuring The Times-Delphic.

I have never been more excited to start my school year. Last year was more than I could handle. I was thrown into a position I had not transitioned into, nor anticipated being in until well…right now. Media-wise, my sophomore year was tough. For awhile, I never thought I was going to be where I am right now.

I’m Lauren Horsch, and I’m the editor-in-chief of The Times-Delphic. I’ve been saying that for months now, but truly, now, it hits me more than ever. I’ve never felt more sure of myself while still having so many questions left. How is this year going to go? Can we accomplish all of our goals? What are our goals? Is campus going to be receptive to the changes I’ve made to the publication? Is the staff going to handle the changes?

It’s a lot to think about. But as the start of school nears, I’m sure of what I’m doing. The paper has been redesigned. The handbook has been drafted and is waiting for approval. Meetings have been scheduled. Story ideas have been generated and the staff is almost ready.

And I’m ready. That’s important right?

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The 5 things student editors will need to get through until deadline

It’s the week from hell — That’s right, the week before The Times-Delphic Relays Edition comes out. The monster of a 56-page issue is always a scary task to take on. With one week until the edition hits stands at Drake University, it’s crunch time for me and the rest of the staff in Meredith 124. To get through the week, I’m going to have to rely on a lot of things, but today, I’m compiling the top 5 things that will get me through this week (or any other week I have intense deadlines):

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