Why I chose the media and why it’s always been my passion.

There’s a photo of me that my mother took. I’m probably about 2-years-old and wearing a diaper. I’m in front of the television, and on the screen you can see a news anchor speaking.

That was 18 years ago. At this moment, I am once again sitting in front of a television. This time though, I’m alone in my apartment wearing sweatpants and a v-neck T-shirt. I’m tuned to CNN and watching the network break the news at Penn State. I don’t even like sports or barely know who Joe Paterno is, but I’m still glued to it. Just as I would have been at the age of two. 

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Life in a nutshell

I’ve been making a lot of life decisions lately. I think it all stemmed from a conversation I had with my mother a few nights ago.

As we were talking about life and everything like that she sneaks in: “Oh, by the way, you have some legal papers here.” I asked her what they were about.

Then she dropped the bomb on me.

“They’re guardianship papers, just incase your father and I die. You’d be the one who would take care of your brother.”

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