Embarking on a new adventure

In just over a week, I will begin the journey of a lifetime; a journey I cannot wait to embark on.

I’ve known since mid-April that I would make the 20-something hour drive to Roanoke Rapids, N.C., but now it’s becoming solidified in my mind. As I put the finishing touches on finding a place to live and the travel plans, I can’t help but just have a stupid amount of excitement.

I’ve been following the news from The Roanoke Rapids Daily Herald since before I knew I was being placed there. My original request for an internship would have kept me in the Midwest, in a capital city. But, as luck would have it, that city was not an option anymore.

I started thinking about places for me to go. How far was I willing to drive? What state sounded the most appealing? What place seems exotic enough? Well, something struck me about the location of Roanoke Rapids. Maybe it was the audience of the paper, or the stories it covered, I still don’t know.

It just felt right. The longer I thought about it, the better it sounded. I remember the first conversation I had with the managing editor. I was so excited to learn more about the paper and its production schedule. I wanted to know. I was curious. As I hung up the phone, I opened the door to my then-office in Meredith Hall on Drake University’s campus, and I couldn’t help but smiled.

I don’t remember who was in the office. It might have been the distribution manager or the design editor, but I just remember telling whomever it was about how excited I was, and that I hoped they’d select me as their intern. I really wanted that job. I got that job. And now I’m starting the adventure.

This is my adventure. I’m going into new territory, a new region and a new paper. I couldn’t be more willing and ready to accept this challenge.

Roanoke Rapids, prepare yourself. I’m ready to see what you have in store for me.

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